Turner Classic Movies Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Turner Classic Movies, the leading authority and definitive home of classic film, will celebrate its 30th anniversary on April 14, 2024. To honor the milestone, TCM will present on-air programming salutes featuring TCM staff who were there from the very beginning, as well as a 24-hour marathon of films with historical introductions from TCM’s first host and champion, Robert Osborne.

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“How many other channels on television celebrate their anniversary? How many other channels’ fans know where they were the day a network launched?” says TCM Primetime Host Ben Mankiewicz. “I’m not sure either of those things are true without Robert Osborne. He’s the Walter Cronkite of TCM. The Johnny Carson. The Alex Trebek. With these intros of Robert’s, we’re celebrating his impact and his continued influence. Plus, as we do with the movies we show, we’ll put Robert into context. Additionally, we’ll also look back to those early years and get the perspectives and experiences of the early TCM staffers who helped shaped the legacy of the channel.”

Every Thursday in April, TCM hosts Dave Karger, Alicia Malone, and Ben Mankiewicz will welcome legacy TCM employees as guest programmers in The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship: 30 Years of TCM. Ranging from TCM’s first president to TCM’s teleprompter operator since the very beginning, they reflect on the network’s origins, their experiences working for TCM, and the films they chose. In addition, TCM will air a new short form original throughout the month featuring interviews with 15 TCM veterans who had a hand in the early development and launch of TCM. It will include clips from vintage promos, introductions, marketing campaigns and hosted segments to illustrate the stories of TCM’s early years, some of which have never been told before.

For more than 22 years, Robert Osborne served as the primetime host and anchor of TCM, helping millions of viewers discover and enter the world of classic movies, and dedicating his life to preserving and sharing the movies he loved. On April 14, TCM remembers him with a 24-hour marathon of films featuring his historical introductions. Throughout the day, fans will be treated to new insights from TCM’s five hosts to give context to Osborne’s introductions. Times given are ET. Linked titles have been reviewed.

“The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship: 30 Years at TCM”:
Thursday, April 4
8:00 PM – Annie Hall (1977), Ben Mankiewicz with Brad Siegel, TCM President (1993-2003)
10:00 PM – Diner (1982), Ben Mankiewicz with Tom Karsch, TCM General Manager (1995-2007)
12:00 AM – Dodsworth (1936), Alicia Malone with Anne Wilson (1996-2023) and Sean Cameron (1996-2018), VPs of Studio Production
Thursday, April 11
8:00 PM – My Favorite Year (1982), Ben Mankiewicz with Darcy Hettrich, VP of Talent (1993-2017)
10:00 PM – That’s Entertainment! (1974), Ben Mankiewicz with Dennis Millay, Senior Director of Programming (1993-2017)
12:30 AM – To Be or Not to Be (1942), Dave Karger with Alexa Foreman, Senior Researcher (1993-2014)
Thursday, April 18
8:00 PM – The Thin Man (1934), Alicia Malone with Katherine Evans Porges, SVP, Marketing and Enterprises (1993-2009)
9:45PM – Killer’s Kiss (1955), Alicia Malone with Shannon Davis, Creative Director (1993-2007)
11:00 PM – Real Life (1979), Alicia Malone with Jeff Stafford, Managing Editor, Digital (2000-2012)
Thursday, April 25
8:00 PM – Woman of the Year (1942), Dave Karger with Laura Galietta, VP of Strategic Partnerships (1993-2004)
10:00 PM – The In-Laws (1979), Dave Karger with Jim Weiss, VP PR & Publicity (1993-2003)
12:00 AM – Christmas in Connecticut (1945), Dave Karger with Sandi Winslow, Teleprompter Supervisor Turner Studios (1993-2014)

TCM 30th Anniversary Lineup on Sunday, April 14
12:15 AM – The Breaking Point (1950)

  • Robert and Eddie Muller introduction, original air date 1/17/13
  • Features new insights from Eddie Muller for Noir Alley

2:15 AM – Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)

  • “Bob’s Pick” from 11/15/96

4:00 AM – The Guardsman (1931)

  • “Bob’s Pick” from 4/14/11

5:30 AM – The Pirate (1948)

  • “Bob’s Pick” from 4/14/11

7:30 AM – North by Northwest (1959)

  • “Bob’s Pick” from 4/14/15

10:00AM – The Breaking Point (1950)

  • Noir Alley Repeat

12:00PM – An American in Paris (1951)

  • Robert and Dave Karger introduction, original air date 2/23/07
  • Features new introduction from Dave Karger

2:00PM – Mr. Skeffington (1945)

  • Robert and guest programmer Mario Cantone, original air date 1/10/06
  • Features new introduction from Alicia Malone

4:30PM – Cyrano de Bergerac (1950)

  • Robert and guest programmer Kermit the Frog, original air date 11/21/07
  • Features new introduction from Alicia Malone

6:30PM – Private Screenings: Robert Osborne (2014)

8:00PM – Gone with the Wind (1939)

  • First TCM film introduction, original air date 4/14/94
  • Features new context from Ben Mankiewicz

12:00AM – The Wind (1928)

  • Robert and co-host Sally Field, original air date 4/25/08 as part of The Essentials
  • Features new introduction from Jacqueline Stewart for Silent Sunday Night

1:30AM – Robert Osborne’s 20th Anniversary Tribute (2015)

2:30AM – Diabolique (1955)

  • Robert and co-host Drew Barrymore, original air date 5/12/12 as part of The Essentials
  • Features new introduction from Alicia Malone for TCM Imports

4:30AM – The Petrified Forest (1936)

  • Aired on TCM’s first day, 4/14/94
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