Criterion Announces August 2022 Releases

This August, Criterion invites you on a euphoric, hallucinatory Ethiopian odyssey with Jessica Beshir's Faya dayi and a poetic-realist sojourn in 1930s ...
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The Last Victim (2022) Movie Review: A Victim of Mediocrity

One of the most interesting things about Naveen Chatapuram’s directorial debut The Last Victim is that, by the end, the ...
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From the Couch Hole: I’ll Be the Ticket If You’re My Collector

Previously on FTCH, there was a striptease with a divorce at a funeral. We mixed cinnamon toast with charms and for ...
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The Wit and Wisdom of James Bond Book Giveaway

Cinema Sentries has teamed up with Titan Books to award one lucky reader The Wit and Wisdom of James Bond by ...
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