Thoughtful & Abstract: The Walking Dead: “Say Yes”

In which Kim and Shawn say no to “Say Yes”.

Kim: Another week, another character-focused episode that does next to nothing to further the story line. Allow me to share with you what I learned during last night’s episode.

1.) Rick and Michonne are super horny most of the time. Also, chili-mac comes as an RTE. Who knew?

2.) The Garbage Pail Kids really dislike speaking in complete sentences. I’m sorry, but this makes it impossible for me to feel anything but contempt for these folks. Or should I say, “Contempt. No likey.”

3.) Also, they don’t know how to negotiate worth a shit. You don’t counter 10 with 5 and then agree to 20. Apparently, not only does she struggle with the English language, but math is not her strong suit either. I get it, common core really messed everything up, but this is almost insulting.

4.) You can now watch all of Season 1 of Preacher on AMC. It looks like the new season of that will start up at the end of June. I’m pretty excited about that. Remember when we got to see Dominic Cooper in his underwear for, like, seven minutes? I’m most excited about this show returning. It feels like it’s been forever that I’ve been waiting to see where they’re going with the Saint of Killers and all. What? This isn’t about The Walking Dead? Well, let’s be honest – it was the single most interesting thing I saw in that hour last night.

5.) I bought into Rick getting eaten for all of five seconds. If you fell for that one, you obviously don’t pay attention. Main characters get fantastic deaths. Out of place deer that just show up randomly in really awkward places, however, get mauled. It’s the law or something.

6.) Sasha and Rosita are annoying me. Father G-Love is starting to grow on me. Tara isn’t my favorite.

7.) I think this might all be a setup for Michonne dying. I don’t know though, I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but it sure feels that way to me.

8.) I don’t have any more points to make, because I’m very underwhelmed by this show these days.

Shawn: I think our brief comments on this episode speak volumes for where we’re at with this show. I have generally given up making many notes to myself while I watch it. So I have a few things that have stuck with me a couple days after watching the show. None are going to require a seat belt.

1.) Fighting zombies with the one you love is fun. While this show has had our share of love relationships, it’s never been about love and when it has hinted at love, there’s usually a bloodbath to follow. I don’t want my gory zombie show to become This Is Us. And truthfully, I love when Michonne is a little ornery and kicking ass. It’s okay to see characters having fun but these two at the school carnival isn’t my ideal.

2.) Should I be confused that we’ve been told that bullets are at a premium (so much so that Eugene’s ability to make one elevates him to Negan’s right hand-man status) and here Michonne is firing at walkers from a roof? Then, there’s all the bullets that were wasted saving Rick from his ill-advised hunting adventure. The threat of zombie hordes don’t seem as dangerous as they did back in the first couple seasons. Are we seeing a decrease in the overall zombie population? If you as much as stepped on a branch in Season Two, you had 23,129 zombies on your ass. Now, you can beat on a chain-link fence and you get one walker.

3.) I fear that each season has become the predictable – death, nothing, nothing, nothing, hints at a battle, nothing, massacre finale. One thing I like about football is that you can’t call a timeout after you just called a timeout. These last two weeks have been a timeout after a timeout or even worse. Timeout – kickoff into the endzone – timeout.

4.) Writer’s meeting pitch #712. “So what we’ll have is the Garbage Gang sends our group out on a run for guns. We’ll do that for two episodes and then when they get back – wait for it, this is good – we’ll have them go back out for more guns. People will never guess that twist.”

5.) No Daryl, no Jesus, no Negan. Why did I watch again?

6.) I know you don’t love Rosita and Sasha but I like them. I just hate their plan, which is essentially no plan at all. We have gun – we shoot Negan. At least I understand their motivation better than I get what Tara is doing. She’s a mess. I want more Maggie because at least she seems to think through her plans logically and learns from past mistakes. I think if we are going to lose anyone here in the next week I’m now convinced it’s Rosita or Sasha or both.

How many weeks until Preacher?

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