Rick and Morty: The Complete Seasons 1-5 Blu-ray Review: One Pickle, Two Crows, and a Multiverse of Mirth

Rick and Morty is the rarest of TV phenomena: a series so popular that the studio keeps releasing “complete” series sets in the wake of each season rather than waiting until the series finally runs its entire course. If you never got around to picking up the Season 1-3 set or the Season 1-4 set, now is your chance to own all five seasons to date in one convenient package…before the inevitable Season 1-6 set in a couple of years. Sure, all of the individual seasons are also available to buy on their own, but there is some aesthetic and space-saving appeal to having the full run so far in one slipcased set that is still barely wider than a normal Blu-ray. As an added perk, the new set also includes an exclusive poster for a limited time only. 

In the unlikely event you’re unfamiliar with the show, it follows the adventures of a rude but brilliant old scientist named Rick Sanchez and his long-suffering grandson Morty as they travel the universe and multiverse in between pit stops at their average suburban home. They live with Morty’s mom, dad, and sister, who also get in on the sci-fi antics from time to time but generally serve the show’s family dynamics humor. With all of time and space available to explore, the only real constant is the show’s unpredictability.

While past seasons have produced tons of classic moments, none perhaps as widely known as the Pickle Rick episode from Season 3, the latest season boasts such amusing flights of fancy as humans including the U.S. President turned into turkey super soldiers, the whole family suiting up for their take on Voltron, and Rick’s random decision to replace Morty with a couple of crows. Surprisingly, the season also ends on a shocking reveal that sets up some changes to come in the next season. 

The Blu-ray set features all 51 episodes to date in 1080p Full HD video and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound, and also includes a digital code for all of the seasons. Picture and sound are just as expected, pristine and vibrant throughout the entire set. Both the episodes and bonus features are uncensored, gleefully enforcing the show’s anything goes nature.

Bonus features are extensive for all five seasons, although if you already own any of the earlier seasons there doesn’t appear to be any new content, aside from a peek inside the recording booth in the first season. Seasons 1-3 include commentaries and animatics for every episode, while Seasons 1, 4, and 5 include “Inside the Episode” spotlights for every episode. The other new content for the release of Season 5 includes behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of backgrounds, coloring, directing, animation, and compositing, along with an amusing “B-Story Generator” and an illuminating special on the overall production process of the season.

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Steve Geise

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