Dark Skies (2013) Blu-ray Review: A Compelling Family Drama Undercut by Aliens

I have never been a big fan of alien movies because they have never been particularly scary to me. More ...
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Cinema Sentries

Man of Steel (2013) Movie Review: A Movie Made Solely to Sell Kiddie Meals

Upon the release of Skyfall, regular ol' filmgoers and trolling fanboys alike started to point out all the similarities between ...
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Life Is Sweet Criterion Collection DVD Review: The Chocolate Thrust of Life Itself

Written by Jordan Richardson Mike Leigh's wonderful Life Is Sweet is less a film about something and more a film ...
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Fast & Furious 6 Movie Review: Flashy & Fantastic

It may have been easy to dismiss the first few installments, especially after Tokyo Drift nearly sank the franchise, but ...
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