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Doctor Who: The Snowmen Blu-ray Review: This Year The Doctor’s Christmas Gift Is a New Companion

Series Seven continues the tradition in the Doctor Who universe of a stand-alone Christmas special coming between the two halves. ...
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Wild Strawberries Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: A Beautiful, Complex, Symbolic Film

I am 37 years old. With luck, I'll live another 37 before I die. At the middle of my life, ...
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Prometheus (2012) Blu-ray Review: A Feast for the Senses, An Appetizer for the Mind

Ridley Scott's return to science fiction and the universe he established with the classic film Alien is a visual masterpiece.  ...
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Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse Movie Review: The Epic Ordeal Behind An Epic Film

Written by Chris Morgan Apocalypse Now is a legendary film, but, as many movie fans know, the production of Francis ...
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