Polyester Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: John Waters’ First Big-Budget Film

Polyester, John Waters' first big budget, mainstream film, was released by in 1981 by New Line Cinema. Its $300,000 budget ...
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Naked Alibi Blu-ray Review: Gloria Grahame Steals the Show

The cops pick up a guy on a drunk and disorderly. He doesn't have any identification but says he's a ...
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The Wizard of Oz 4K Ultra HD Review: Somewhere Over the HDR Rainbow

Dorothy and the gang are back in a sparkling new 80th anniversary edition of the classic film, released in 4K ...
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The Toys That Made Us: Seasons 1 & 2 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review: This Is About Nostalgia

Ever have that experience of pulling a box out of the closet and finding a bunch of your old toys? ...
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