Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Series DVD Review: A Funny Show Even When Dealing with Serious Topics

Welcome Back, Kotter is a reference to Gabe Kotter (co-creator Gabe Kaplan, whose life and stand-up material inspired the show), ...
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From the Couch Hole: Keep the Vampires from Your Door

Previously on FTCH, Furiosa met with the Idea Man to say, "Please let me get what I want." That included ...
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Tribeca 2024 Review: Soldiers of Song

Ryan Smith’s Soldiers of Song starts off as if we’re about to watch a trailer for the documentary that’s going ...
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Tribeca 2024 Review: Hacking Hate

Simon Klose's Hacking Hate is a compelling documentary that is more chilling than any horror movie as it explores online ...
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