Mirador Movie Review: Captures the Ethos of Camaraderie

Written By Ram Venkat Srikar In Spanish, Mirador means "lookout." The word has multiple connotations. Alertness, observation, prediction, or a person assigned ...
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The Booksellers DVD Review: Like a Good Book, You Won’t Want It to End

Calling all bibliophiles - The Booksellers is a documentary that you won't want to miss. And like a good book, you won't ...
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The Woman Blu-ray Review: Dares to Depict the Dark Side of the American Family

On one side, I see why most people don't hold kindly to "torture porn", the infamous phase of the horror ...
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Sixteen Candles Blu-ray Review: A Problematic but Worthwhile Film

As someone who grew up in the 1980s, the films of John Hughes, especially the teen comedies he wrote during ...
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