Le Cercle Rouge Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Short on Plot, Long on Mise en Scene

At first glance, Le Cercle Rouge seems like a fairly conventional crime drama, a perception that is upheld by the ...
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Joyeux Noel Movie Review: Demonstrating People Are More Alike Than Different

Winter 1914 on the front lines of WWI in German-occupied France. The Germans are fighting against the French and the ...
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Album Reviews: The Jayhawks: Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass (Legacy Edition)

During the '90s as country music was getting a pop polish and alternative rock was becoming mainstream, the Jayhawks were ...
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IMAX: Hubble DVD Review: Nothing Short of Spectacular

Written by Greg Barbrick After seeing IMAX: Hubble, I am kicking myself for not having ventured to the local theatre ...
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