TV Review: The Comedians (2015) – “Pilot” / Louie – “Potluck”

FX's 10 o'clock block on Thursdays nights could be labelled Must-Squirm TV due to the shared humor of the two ...
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Hans Crippleton: Talk To the Hans Movie Review: It’s So Good, I Almost Hated It

Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans opens with an introduction by Barnaby Hunt (Andy Hankins) to Horror Hunts, Hunt's macabre-flavored ...
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Fast, Cheap & Out of Control Movie Review: Skewed Look at Human Behavior

The title might throw a viewer off - 'Out of Control'. A documentary about things being out of control sounds ...
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A Brief History of Time Criterion Collection Review: A Quirky, Idiosyncratic Tribute

Everyone knows the story of Stephen Hawking, the iconic physicist, cosmologist, author, and director of research. They also know that ...
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