Maps to the Stars Is the Pick of the Week

Since I first started watching films, or at least taking them seriously, I've consumed them for their directors more than ...
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Far from the Madding Crowd (1967) Blu-ray Review: A Magnificent Festering!

Having never been a very literary-minded lad, I must confess that I did not devote quite as much of my ...
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Shania Twain: Shania: Still the One: Live from Vegas Blu-ray Review

Shania: Still the One: Live from Vegas captures the complete stage performance of Shania Twain from her two-year residency at ...
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Odd Man Out Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Deft and Thrilling Storytelling

There have been many films about personal and conflicted crisis of conscience, such as American Beauty (1999), The Apostle (1997), ...
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