Harold and Maude Criterion Collection DVD Review: Timeless Classic Has Never Been More Appropriate

The oddest couple in cinematic history have got to be the 20-year old Harold (Bud Cort) and the 80-year old ...
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Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Season Six Volumes 1 and 2 DVD Review: An Emotional Season for the Demon

When I first heard that Gene Simmons was finally getting married, the cynic in me figured it was to boost ...
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The Lady Vanishes (1938) Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: All Aboard for Entertainment

Though it was Alfred Hitchcock’s penultimate film made in Britain before producer David O. Selznick brought him to America, the ...
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This Means War Blu-ray Review: More Absolute Yuck from McG

Late last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing the wonderful 1933 comedy Design for Living — the story about ...
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