Kristen’s Book Club for October 2016

Written by Kristen Lopez Feel that chill in the air? It's time to grab a mug of tea and curl ...
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Twilight Time Presents: Party Poopers, Poor Sports, Sore Losers, and Bad Romances

Despite all of society's best attempts at grooming us to be normal, well-behaved, completely functional human beings, there are just ...
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Illeana Douglas Talks About Blazing Her Own Trail for TCM’s Trailblazing Women

Written by Kristen Lopez It's hard for me to pinpoint the first film I saw actress Illeana Douglas in, but ...
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Vamp Blu-ray Review: Belongs in the Pantheon of Great Comic Horror

Usually, horror comedies are a one-in-a-million, meaning that some work (the Evil Dead trilogy, Slither), and others don't (976-Evil, Vampires ...
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