Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Is the Pick of the Week

There comes a time in every movie fan and critics life when he must make certain admissions. Perhaps it is a secret love for big, dumb action films, or a soft spot for something like Showgirls or Zombie Cheerleaders From Outer Space, but we have have affectionate feelings for films that any lover of serious film really shouldn’t care for at all. Even more damning is when the movie fan just can’t get into a piece of cinema that rests in the pantheon of critically acclaimed masterpieces. Admitting that Citizen Kane does nothing for you or that you think Casablanca is boring is enough to get sneers, jeers, and a smack across the face from any number of people who take film seriously as Art.

One of my many admissions in this category is that Blade Runner has never really done anything for me. It isn’t a bad film and its got some great acting and the film design is quite outstanding, but something about the overall story just doesn’t connect with me. I think I get why people like it and why it is considered one of the all-time great science fiction films. I’m completely ready to admit that my opinion is but my own and based upon some personal flaw that has nothing to do with the film itself. There’s really no sense arguing any point you want to make about why it is a great film; I fully relinquish my right to argue against those points and hereby declare you the winner. Sometimes great films just don’t resonate with me and there’s really nothing I can do about it.

When I make my decision as to which film I’m gonna make my Pick of the Week, I typically go with either something I would very much like to own or a film I’m very interested in seeing. Often that means bypassing the more popular films that do not interest me for something more along my tastes. This week I actually started writing a couple of paragraphs on why Magic Mike was my pick, thinking I’d talk about Blade Runner in my also looks interesting bit, but then I got to looking at the total package of this Blade Runner release and realized I’d be doing it, myself, and this article a disservice if I didn’t give it the Pick title. So despite my personal ambivalence towards the film, Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (4-Disc Blu-ray/DVD+UltraViolet Combo Pack) is this week’s Pick of the Week.

The set include an all new “Final Cut” version of the film with added & extended scenes, added lines and new special effects, plus the original theatrical version, the original International version, the 1992 director’s cut, and the work print version. Other features include audio commentary by Ridley Scott, producers, and a visual futurist. There are multiple features on all aspects of the film, trailers, TV spots, image galleries, and screen tests.

Also out this week that looks interesting:

Magic Mike (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy): I lost track of Steven Soderbergh somewhere in his Ocean’s Trilogy. I was very much a fan before this big-budget, all-star extravaganzas, but then he started making really small films that never came to theaters near me and he sort-of slipped outside my radar. When Magic Mike came out, I kept hearing things about in in my Facebook feed (from ladies thrilled to see a half-naked Channing Tatum and men who were not so thrilled with their excited wives) and was surprised to find out it was directed by Soderbergh. I added it to my list of his films that I’ve neglected to see and maybe now in the comfort of my own home I’ll actually get to it.

Upstairs Downstairs: Season 2: With the huge success of Downton Abbey, they remade this classic BBC series with a similar plot. I’ve seen but half of the first season but really liked it (but had to return the disks to the library) and am looking forward to more.

Universal Monsters Coffin Box Collection: As far as I can tell this is essentially the exact same collection as my Pick of the Week from a few weeks back except that this comes in a more collectible box. I guess if you didn’t grab the other box and like your horror films in a coffin then this is for you.

Fear and Desire (Blu-ray): Stanley Kubrick’s first feature film did not fare well at the box office and it quickly sunk into obscurity. The enigmatic director later more or less disowned the film, bought up as many prints as he could, and tried his best to keep the film from resurfacing. Kino has now restored the film and is releasing it on Blu-ray.

Mat Brewster

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