Veronica Mars (2014) Is the Pick of the Week

There has been so much great TV playing over the last decade that its really impossible to keep up with it all. Sure, Netflix and Hulu make it easier than ever to catch up, and what you can’t find through streaming methods, you can buy fairly cheaply via full seasons of DVD collections. Still, there is just so much that’s been produced and is continuing to air that unless you do nothing but watch television all day, every day you are going to be behind somewhere.

I have a constantly updated list of shows I need to catch up on and others that I’ve never seen at all but hear good things about. One show that has recently moved towards the front of that list is Veronica Mars. When it first aired, I know I knew of it, but only in the vaguest of ways. It wasn’t until it was cancelled that I started hearing really good things and only when they started their Kickstarter campaign to get a movie going that I really began to hear high praise.

I really rather find it obnoxious when celebrities do Kickstarter campaigns for their pet projects. Surely, guys like Zach Braff and Neil Young have enough money of their own, or at least the networking capabilities to raise the funds themselves. If we’re all supporting Spike Lee’s next movie project, who will donate to the nobody down the street working on a really cool game?

That said, its still kind of cool they revived Veronica Mars and it gives me hope that maybe fans can revive other cult shows that bit the dust way too early. How cool would it be to get Pushing Daisies back for a season or two?

I suppose I should actually watch the original TV series before catching the movie, but I’m kind of excited that they were able to publicly fund a movie so many years after cancellation. And while I would still prefer our money to go to lesser-known artists, I’m still making the Veronica Mars Movie my pick of the week.

Also out this week that looks interesting:

Ace in the Hole (Criterion Collection): Kirk Douglas in a Billy Wilder film. How have I not seen this until now?

All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman: Folks like Jackson Browne, Vince Gill, Dr. John, and more came together to pay respects the great southern-fried rocker.

Son of Batman: I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the new animated DC Universe, but what I have seen I’ve enjoyed. This one’s based on a Grant Morrisson story and I’m very much a fan of that.

The Deep End (Blu-ray): It’s been ages since I’ve seen this one, but I remember loving how they took a fairly traditional thriller plot and turned it on its head with Tilda Swinton having to manage her family and deal with all of that horror.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Series 12: You can’t go wrong with Poirot. This one contains “Three Act Tragedy,” ‘Hallowe’en Party,” ‘Murder on the Orient Express,” and “The Clocks.”

Space Adventure Cobra: The Original TV Series, Part 2: And I quote: “In Johnson’s dream adventure, he’s the notorious space pirate Cobra! Accompanied by his android partner Lady Armaroid, Cobra fights the lowlife scum of the Pirate Guild by day and saves sultry sirens of space by night. After the journey is over, events unfold that bring reality into focus. His experience wasn’t a dream at all — it was a reawakening of his buried past!” Sometimes you just have to get down on your knees and thank god for the Japanese.

Mat Brewster

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