Thoughtful & Abstract: The Walking Dead: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

In which Kim and Shawn muse on the Saviors and if Virginia is just for Lovers.

Kim: Well, another week and another episode closer to the end of the season. First and foremost, why aren’t these seasons 22-plus episodes like network shows? It seems so unfair. My thoughts on the latest adventures of our gang will be short because I really felt like I was cheated out of so much this week.

First, let me say, I was really glad to see so much of Carol. But. The opening. Ugh. It felt like I was going to see the Double Mint Twins burst on to the scene at any moment and start up a game of volleyball. I don’t want this happy. I get we’re supposed to get the feeling that they’re finally doing well before it all comes crashing down. I really do, but the happy music and the beet and acorn cookie-delivery service just doesn’t seem to fit. Good on Carol for getting that kiss though. It seems as though everyone is finding love, but then…

Oh, Rosita. Abraham was a total dick to her. In that scene when he said he was leaving, I thought he was leaving Alexandria. It truly was a total shock to me when he turned up at the compound, hiding his bright red hair with a do-rag. (Doo-rag? Dew rag? Depends on who you ask. Perhaps Jesus knows.)

Speaking of Jesus, I suffered through the predictability of the first part of that episode but the entire raid on the compound made up for it. Once again, my heart was pounding and I kept my hand over my mouth the entire time. Except for that one time when Jesus shot that dude and an audible, “Fuck yeah, Jesus!” escaped my lips. See? Jesus saves.

Now, there are some interesting things that happen in that scenario, and perhaps the biggest, in my eyes, is Glenn taking a human life with his hands. His struggle was not lost on me. It’s one thing to stab a walker in the face, but a human being who isn’t even trying to fight you. Glenn still has that humanity inside of him and it was nice to see. Rick and Daryl didn’t seem to have any, but perhaps they were just doing what they needed to survive and are able to compartmentalize it differently. Then again, maybe they’ve become just like The Saviors – willing to do whatever it takes to survive, even be assholes.

The whole presentation of that raid, start to finish, was strong. I’m not sure where they’ll go from here, with the whole Maggie and Carol situation, but I’m anxiously awaiting the next episode to see.

To sum it all up:
Carol – Tobin
Rick – Michonne
Glenn – Maggie
Abraham – Sasha
Tara – Denise
Eugene – Carol’s cookie
Daryl – reunited with his bike

Yes, Eugene. Virginia is for lovers.

Shawn: I think you summed up quite a bit of what I wanted to say. There was a weight to this episode that hasn’t been consistent this season. I liked that.

1.) THE FAKE HEADS. I didn’t really understand how that worked. It wasn’t that dark and they got a good look at the head. I fully expected that to be the point at which the plan went to shit. But as a plan goes, this one went really well. It didn’t involve a zombie walkathon so it had that going for it.

2.) ABRAHAM / ROSITA. I think it’s a tie between Abraham and Eugene for the best lines in any given episode. The dingleberries line was great. But the “I thought you were the only girl left in the world” line is as honest and true a line as was uttered this season. If this show is going to start exploring a range of relationships over the next few seasons, then we have to have some realistic breakups. And by realistic I mean, over the stupidest reasons imaginable. That’s how relationships work and would probably still work in a zombie-filled future. You know me – I think he’s stupid for breaking up with the hottest woman in their group. But this scene played well against Carol finally getting some sugar.

3.) MORGAN. If I didn’t read the comic book, I’m not sure I’d have any patience for him. They’ve turned one of the best characters from the first five seasons into an annoying tick on the privates of this show. Part of it might just be script issues. He never gets a chance to properly lay out his philosophy. It also seems to be evolving. I am guessing he was building a jail at the end there. I fear that he’s just there to piss off Carol. They have invested quite a bit of backstory time into him and I hope we get some more philosophical discussions between Morgan and Rick in the near future. The whole Morgan we don’t have to fight them was a big meh when Rick glossed over it with a “Welp then you don’t have to fight with us.” response. Even Rick is tiring of his crap.

4.) CAROL. Yes, things went wrong with Sam. Maybe you were partially to blame for being a bitch to him. This isn’t the Carol we know though. She has preached against this softening and guilt that she might be experiencing. Is it the romantic feelings stirring inside of her? Nothing worse than catching feelings all of a sudden. Leaving the cookie for Sam felt out of character and way too symbolic. That starts to make me feel nervous for her fate in the remaining episodes. I used to think that she was “untouchable” for at least another season or two. You know that Maggie has to survive this hostage situation but is Carol really vulnerable?

5.) PHOTOGRAPHY 101. The Saviors developed their own Instagram wall thanks to what appears to be an extensive inventory of Polaroids. Glenn is busy killing his first humans in one of the most emotional scenes in the episode and I’m worried about those pictures on the wall. A second look shows a real lack of composition by the photographer. The heads are all similarly exploded and often from the same angle. Try some different lighting, a filter or two, and maybe a selfie with the body in the background. Once again, I fear that we are looking at some not so subtle foreshadowing for Glenn. There’s a thing about this show that they can’t help themselves with dropping hints of future events.

Like you I think the whole raid was well filmed and played out like a cool action film. And more importantly, I hope Eugene does find that Virginia is for Lovers and gives hope to all of us.

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