Thoughtful & Abstract: Preacher: “Possibilities”

In which Kim and Shawn keep waiting for the next big thing.

Kim: I have to tell you, I’m more in love with this show every single time I watch it. I also have to tell you that I’m having a hard time saying anything new or original about it.

Dominic Cooper – still hot

Ruth Negga – still gorgeous

So, what else does one say about a show that seems to be doling out one or two clues at a time regarding what’s happening everywhere? I don’t feel like this gives me much to write about, but…

I am watching. I am enjoying. I am enthralled.

I don’t think that a show like this lends itself to much other than a recap format and, let’s be honest, there’s a million of those out there. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be “that girl”.

There is action every week. We’re learning about the extent of Jesse’s powers at the same clip he’s learning, and that makes it fun. The scene with him controlling Cassidy was so funny, especially when he told him to fly. I actually had to pause because I was giggling so hard.

There is suspense every week. What’s Jesse going to do about Tulip’s offer to get back into whatever life he led before returning to be the preacher? How is she going to try to get him back in it with her? We’ve got the two “guys” trying to capture whatever entity has entered Jesse. We’ve got Donnie – oh, Donnie. And the meat-packing guy. And the sheriff. So we’ve got enough suspense here to keep it going for a good while, especially at the pace they’re giving it to us.

I think that might be what I like the most about this show. I’m given just a taste every episode, but nothing is certain. I want to understand it, but I’m okay with just little bits here and there. I think for me, it’s really about what he do with his powers to turn this town around. The mystery comes from the things standing in his way and the overarching conflict – his internal struggle with good vs. evil.

The problem I see coming is that they’re going to run out of bits and pieces. Then what happens? How do you keep viewers coming back? I’m a sucker for pretty faces, but even that gets old when the storyline just repeats. I guess I’ll just wait and see how long they can keep this up before the draw of the eye candy is gone. I’m hoping a while. I’m just concerned. You know what it’s like? Constantine. I’m a bit concerned.

Shawn: “Possibilities”. That’s a dangerous title for an episode. At least it wasn’t “Do You Like Any Of These Ideas?” or “Does This Smell To You?” I have to say I liked it. And remember that as I say some of the next things I want to say. The first couple episodes each had two to three scenes per episode that had me saying “Hell yeah.” I didn’t even have that initial episodes confusion I usually have to fight through about what the character names are or who is related to whom. I didn’t come away from this episode with that same feeling. I liked some of the scenes. I want to come away with a Jesse or Tulip scene that really kicks ass. In the end, my favorite scene is the Sheriff telling a story about the amusement park.

Do I care about Carlos? I get that I’m supposed to. And Jesse and Tulip care about Carlos. But we are missing something here? Don’t tell us we are supposed to care. Do something to make me worried or excited or concerned. You commented before about them as a couple and you are absolutely right. I don’t need them to become a couple – it’s probably best if they just have sex occasionally and go about just being righteous on the bad folks. The problem as I see it is that the plot is hinting at something that it isn’t showing us. Is there a history we don’t know about or is there about to be something? It all felt different this week and I can’t put my finger on the problem.

The Jesse and Donnie scene was interesting. It was tense and I thought we were getting some important information about Jesse and his morals. Now I think back and it really just showed us a part of his powers that we were already aware of last episode. Maybe I see that he has a more fine control over what happens than was suggested. I love that moment when he turns the conversation and Donnie puts the gun in his mouth. There’s a moment there when we can start to imagine the possibilities of his power and why the government dudes want to take it out of him.

Speaking of the government dudes, I didn’t really understand their purpose last episode. And I still can’t explain everything. In my mind, they are in the Men in Black realm. They should be even more of a comic foil than they are portrayed at this point. Do they have names? If so, it hasn’t been clear to me. I don’t doubt they are from Heaven and I’m excited to see what kind of powers they come with to take the power back. This should shape up to be a tense battle.

Jesse and Cassidy are just awesome together and I’d like to go drink a couple bottles of whiskey with the two of them.

My most “what the?” moment of the episode had to be the guy listening to a “tape?” of a slaughter.

I love Eugene. What is it about characters named Eugene? They are the best.

The possibilities are vast. Are we going to have a battle worthy of the Heavens? Are we going to a revenge-of-the-week format? Do Jesse and Tulip spend next episode registering at Bed, Bath & Beyond for wedding gifts? I think we are at an early crossroads. I want a story that gives me “hell yeah” smiles each week and makes me watch twice just to catch my breath. I want a larger story that pays off for me paying attention for weeks and yet simple enough that I don’t feel like I’m guessing who is on which side. I’m still loving this show and I want to be in love with it. I just need that commitment.

I’ll be on the doorstep waiting next week.

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