Thoughtful & Abstract: Preacher: “He’s Gone”

In which Kim and Shawn use the bullet-point button for an episode where not much happens.

Kim: What I’ve learned this week:

  • The power of suggestion, apparently, wears off.
  • The heartbreak of Tulip and Jesse goes back a long, long way.
  • Cassidy has feelings! Lots and lots of feelings!
  • They use really shitty ketchup in this show.
  • If you’re going to Pokémon Go! at work, you need to bring your charger.
  • Tulip looked amazing in that shirt and skirt.
  • Tulip is done with everyone’s shit.
  • Vanilla extract is flammable.
  • Cass’ cheap shot with the fire extinguisher made me giggly.
  • I work in a really cool place, surrounded by history. This means a ton of Pokéstops.
  • The Eugene story is finally out and about.
  • Jesse is kind of turning into a big ole asshole. I kind of need him to find his heart again.
  • God might smell his own farts.
  • I’d like to rub some salve on Cassidy. Like a lot of it. Silver Sulfadine does the trick nicely with burns.
  • I love Tulip more every time she speaks.
  • I’ve walked with my kid more in two days than I have over the past two months and it even delayed me finishing this episode, but his laughter was worth it.
  • Jesse is a real dick by the end of this episode. It’s really the only way it could be at this point though.
  • Jesse’s been getting his wishes for a long, long time, even if he didn’t really want them coming true.
  • And here comes the cavalry. What we need now is a Civil War badass to show up and fuck up everyone’s world.
  • If you save up your Weedles, you can evolve them into a Kakuna. If you have enough of those, you can evolve one into a Beedrill. I’m working hard on that one. Maybe by the next episode.

Shawn: What I learned this week.

  • The whole episode felt like a “here’s the fallout” from last episode more than an original story.
  • Tulip and Cassidy have the best lines together. A bit like T&A, they call each other out.
  • Tulip challenging that Cassidy hasn’t told Jessie about being a vampire led to the best lines of the episode.
  • I totally almost stepped in goose poop to get a Psyduck. Totally worth it.
  • I do have a hard time seeing Cassidy as some voice of reason for Jesse. It doesn’t fit.
  • Tulip showed me some important assets in the shirt and skirt. I’m more impressed.
  • I also didn’t know about vanilla.
  • Eugene didn’t go to jail for trying to shoot the Prom queen?
  • “Plot matters” and Cassidy giving hell to The Big Lebowski
  • I do like that Cassidy is so adept at pop-culture references – his Coen Bros knowledge should have gone deeper to Blood Simple
  • The shot of the Sheriff’s hat on Eugene’s empty chair was the most powerful shot of the episode.
  • I’m excited to see this cast and find out as much as I can at Comic-Con in just over a week.
  • In my mind, Cassidy and Jesse come onstage in their underwear.
  • Tulip struggling to “fit in” feels as much of a force as Cassidy being the voice of reason.
  • Jesse’s favorite actor isn’t Ryan Phillipe? Good guess though.
  • Despite a burning vampire and an army of Confederate soldiers, nothing really shocking happened.
  • This episode is so much about Jesse and yet we find out very little other than he has a history with Tulip. And he has felt the Power of God since his youth. We see Jesse being talked to and see him through the eyes of our other main characters, but Jesse doesn’t change or evolve.
  • Speaking of evolving, I hope to have a Pidgeot by next week.

I hope the pace picks up next week. But it’s still my current favorite show on TV.

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Shawn Bourdo

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