The Fugitive (1993) 4K UHD Review: Non-Stop Action and Thrills

Andrew Davis’ The Fugitive is a non-stop action roller coaster that will leave you breathless. It is based on the 1960s television show of the same name in which a man is unjustly accused of killing his wife. He tirelessly searches for the person he believes to be the killer, the one-armed man. In the movie, Harrison Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble, a vascular surgeon, who is framed for the murder of his wife and sentenced to death. He fought with the one-armed man the night of the murder and is out for vengeance. The only problem is he has been sentenced to death. While being moved to state prison, the bus he is riding in is hit by a train (it could happen), and Dr. Kimble escapes.

The authorities are brought in to catch Kimble and we meet Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones). Jones has the better part here, simply because it has some range and more screen time. Ford is simply sad and furious throughout, as he likely should be. A chase ensues, and it is a fun chase. The movie moves back and forth between action sequences and Kimble gathering evidence, in the hopes of proving his innocence. This involves KImble constantly sneaking into his old work, then jumping off the top of a dam, then back to the hospital, and on and on until mysteries are solved.

Bonus Materials:

  • Introduction by Andrew Davis and Harrison Ford – a 22-year old, less than two-minutes long “introduction” by Davis, Ford, and Tommy Lee Jones (though he is not mentioned in the title).
  • Commentary by Andrew Davis and Tommy Lee Jones – lots of interesting tidbits by the director and Jones.
  • The Fugitive: Thrill of the Chase – 28-minute documentary about the making of the film, mostly focused on introducing the actors.
  • On the Run with The Fugitive – 23-minute documentary about the making of the film.
  • Derailed: Anatomy of a Train Wreck – 9-minute documentary about the making of the train hitting the bus.
  • Theatrical Trailer

The Fugitive verges on the sentimental at times; however, considering that there is a dead wife at the center of the plot, we can allow it. Jones won an Oscar for his role, and the chance at a poorly received sequel, 1998’s U.S. Marshals. The Fugitive is an excellent action/thriller.

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Greg Hammond

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