Sorry to Bother You Is the Pick of the Week

Sorry To Bother You stars Lakeith Stanfield as a telemarketer who adopts a white person’s voice at his job in order to increase his sales. His numbers do go through the roof, causing him to move up in the company and get swept up into a strange conspiracy. It was written and directed by Boots Riley of the musical group The Coup and also stars Tessa Thompson, Jermaine Fowler, Terry Crews, Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Danny Glover, Steven Yeun, and Armie Hammer. It garnered a lot of critical buzz and has been praised for its originality. In a world full of sequels and remakes, something original always gets my attention.

I’ve intentionally avoided a lot of reviews after first hearing about it as it seems like the sort of film one wants to go into fresh, but I’m excited to finally see it and happy to make it this week’s pick.

Also out this week that looks interesting:

The Devil’s Doorway: Found-footage horror film about possessed 16-year-old, pregnant girl in an home for unwed mothers.

Blood and Black Lace: Mario Bava’s classic Italian horror about a masked killer running amok in a boarding house is getting a new release from VCI with two new audio commentaries and a new feature comparing the American and European cuts of the film. I’ll have a review up soon.

Deadbeat at Dawn: Arrow Video presents this tale of revenge between a gang leader and those who murdered his girlfriend.

Creepshow: Shout Factory! is bringing a new edition of this collection of scary stories from George A. Romero and Stephen King.

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again: This sequel promises more romance, more comedy, more ABBA, and Cher!

Sisters (Criterion Collection): Margot Kidder stars in this Brian De Palma mystery from 1972 about a journalist who witnesses a murder in a neighboring apartment, but when the police don’t believe her, she must investigate herself.

Community: The Complete Series: When this series was good, it was the best. When it was not good, it was…well, let’s just say I’ve never managed to finish the final season.

Maximum Overdrive: Written and directed by Stephen King, this much maligned horror film about machines coming to life after a comet passes is being released by Vestron and is packed full of new features.

Night of the Demons: I have the vaguest memories of watching this film as a teenager, or possibly its sequel. I don’t actually remember it being very good, but this new Steelbook from Shout Factory! with its super-creepy action figure looks kind of amazing.

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle: Sometimes you gotta write about a film based solely on its ridiculous name. After a motorbike gang kills an occultist the evil spirit he was summoning inhabits a damaged bike which then exacts its vengeance on the gang.

Get Shorty: Collector’s Edition: Barry Sonnefeld’s terrific adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel stars John Travolta as a mafioso who becomes a Hollywood player. Shout Factory’s new Collector’s Edition includes a new 4K transfer, audio commentary from Sonnefeld, plus several features on the making of the film, and more. You still have plenty of time to enter our contest below.

Mat Brewster

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