Paramount+’s The Lodge Returns to San Diego Comic-Con with Star Trek, SpongeBob SquarePants, Criminal Minds, and More for the Ultimate Fan Experience

Paramount+ is bringing The Lodge back to San Diego Comic-Con for a second year with more titles, iconic franchise celebrations, and immersive activations than ever before! Located at the Gaslamp’s Happy Does (340 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101), this interactive fan experience will be available to the public starting July 24 from 6–10pm, July 25-27 from 12–10pm daily, and July 28 from 10am–7pm.

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Paramount+’s The Lodge has reached tens of thousands of fans this year during its second cross-country tour. At the seventh stop in 2024, The Lodge will offer the ultimate fan experience featuring themed activations and swag to take home for fans of all ages from popular titles and franchises like STAR TREK, TALES OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, IF, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and many more. 

Create a Custom T-Shirt on a STAR TREK Starship: Stepping onto a STAR TREK starship, fans can customize their very own “Starfleet swag.” Utilizing a replicator, visitors will be able to place an order via touch-screen tablet and customize their t-shirts with options from a curated list of STAR TREK franchise-inspired insignia. This experience is available exclusively at The Lodge, and gives fans the chance to take home completely unique customized merch.

Olfactory Atelier Inspired by GHOSTS: In the CBS Original GHOSTS, scents are one of the strongest connections ghosts have to the living world. The Lodge will feature Woodstone Manor’s Olfactory Atelier, where guests are invited to step into the enchanting ambiance of ‘The Livings’-own living room workshop (filled with easter eggs from the show). Essence Chemists will entice them to explore a collection of specialized perfumes—each perfume displays a unique homage to the ghosts in the series. Fans will leave with a scent of their choosing, allowing them to carry a piece of the Manor’s mystique with them throughout the living world at SDCC and beyond.

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Solve a Case for CRIMINAL MINDS: EVOLUTION Behavioral Analysis Unit: For all the CRIMINAL MINDS: EVOLUTION lovers, The Lodge will have an in-world office inspired by the series’ Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), filled with a chaotic spread of evidence, paperwork, unpredictable clues, and more. Guests can dive into their own investigative work to help BAU agents connect-the-dots to the ongoing case.

IF’s Cozy Ferris Wheel Photo Op: The Lodge is bringing the whimsical world of IF to SDCC. With the inviting Luna Park marquee complete with carnival lights galore, guests can line up to “ride” the ferris wheel. While in the queue, fans can play a game of hopscotch before they get onstage with a magical button that brings the Memory Lane Retirement Community Register to life and auto-pairs the guest with their very own IF companion for the photo op.

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TALES OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES–Themed Pizza Parlor: The Lodge will bring the love story between pizza and TALES OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES to life with the tastiest slice in town: Turtle Power Pizza. The pizza parlor will be decked out with illustrated stylings to welcome guests into the world of the new series. SDCC-goers will be able to fuel up for their next adventure with a slice of ‘za accompanied by beverages inspired by the colors of the four Turtles, perfect for heroes in a half-shell of any age.

Jellyspotting in Bikini Bottom: Nickelodeon and Paramount+ are celebrating the 25th anniversary of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and guests are invited to join the fun and immerse themselves into a day-in-the-life at Bikini Bottom’s Jellyfish Fields. Partake in “jellyspotting” throughout the day and catch jellyfish using “Ol’ Reliable,” SpongeBob’s most trusted jellyfish net. Upon entry, special jellyspotting gear will be handed out so fans can see the world through a joyous sponge-colored lens.

INK MASTER Tattoo Parlor: Expanding from last year’s INK MASTER-themed space, The Lodge will include a tattoo parlor set where high-brow modern meets edgy. The activation will allow guests to step inside the series, with an opportunity to get a temporary airbrush tattoo done of their choice from the stencils inspired by Paramount+’s featured shows & films. 

BRED2BUCK Saloon from TULSA KING: TULSA KING will take over the Happy Does indoor bar with a themed ‘BRED2BUCK Saloon.’ Taking elements from the series with props, graphics, neon lights, as well as exciting Season 2 references for fans, guests will be able to enjoy in-world drinks that’ll knock their boots off. The saloon will also feature games that take guests into the world of CBS Sports including the hook and ring toss and UEFA Champions League themed soccer ball kicking challenge. 

The Lodge Ski Pass sponsored by Walmart+: On the back of each Lodge Ski Pass this year, guests will receive an exclusive offer for a 3-month Walmart+ subscription as well as other surprise rewards while visiting The Lodge.

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