Batman Begins Movie Review: A Hero Reborn

Eight years after the damage done to Batman from the one-two combination of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin by ...
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Outfest 2019 Review: Sell By Is Directly Accessible and Rather Progressive

Sell By may be queer themed since it centers around a homosexual couple coming to grips with their turbulent relationship. Yet, ...
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The Milky Way (1969) Blu-ray Review: Surrealistic Satire

h About an hour into Luis Bunuel's surrealistic drama The Milky Way, two men, a Jesuit and a Jansenist, argue over ...
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Death in the Garden Blu-ray Review: Well Worth Watching

After befriending Salvador Dali and finding success in the surrealist movement with films like Un Chien Andalou and L'Age d'Or, Luis Buñuel was ...
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