The Possessed / The Fifth Cord Blu-rays Review: Giallo Before and After Argento

There were giallo around before Dario Argento unleashed The Bird with the Crystal Plumage but that film upended, supplanted and ...
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Sundance 2019 Review: Little Monsters Is a Bloody Delight

For those of you who don't know the synopsis, Little Monsters is not a documentary on Lady Gaga's fan base. ...
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Humans 3.0 Blu-ray Review: Third Time Is the Charm

After an initial two seasons that showed glimpses of promise along with multiple missteps, the Season-Two cliffhanger initiated an exciting ...
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2019 Oscar-nominated Animated Short Films Review

For over a decade, ShortsTV has proudly brought the Oscar-nominated Short Films to audiences across the globe. This exclusive release ...
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