Glee: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray Review: Lower Your Expectations and Enjoy

The Show Severely lowered expectations are a major boon to the third season of Glee, a show I’ve long given ...
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The Lieutenant: The Complete Series Part One DVD Review: Gene Roddenberry’s First TV Series

The Lieutenant, the first TV series written and produced by Gene Roddenberry, aired on NBC during the 1963-64 TV season. ...
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Cinema Sentries

Moonraker Movie Review: Even an Established Film Franchise Can Bow to a New Trend

After 33 years, what is honestly left to be said about Moonraker that hasn't already been touched upon? I certainly ...
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The Lieutenant: The Complete Series Part Two DVD Review: Gene Roddenberry Sows the Seeds of Star Trek

Written by Greg Barbrick The Lieutenant was the first TV series created by legendary Star Trek guru Gene Roddenberry. The ...
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