Terra Formars Blu-ray Review: Miike Can Do Better

Japanese director Takashi Miike is probably best known for his ultra-violent splatter films like Ichi the Killer and Audition. Or perhaps for his ...
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Strip Nude for Your Killer Blu-ray Review: Keep Your Clothes On

There are certain expectations that come with genre films. What is a genre except a set of criteria that help ...
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Tribeca 2019 Review: Flawless Brilliantly Offers a Profound Story About Self-Acceptance

Typically, films about high school students deal with conflicts like trying to fit in or the outcasts overcoming the villainous ...
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Tribeca 2019 Review: Lucky Grandma Hits the Jackpot

There are moments in life where we feel our luck runs out completely. However, for Grandma Wang (Tsai Chin), it ...
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