Great Barrier Reef Blu-ray Review: Keeping the Streak Alive

BBC Earth has been on a roll lately. Among others, they've hit us with Africa, One Life, and The Blue ...
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George A. Romero’s Knightriders (1981) Blu-ray Review: The Most Sincere, Underrated Drama About Adult Outcasts Ever Made

The setting is a quiet forested area, with a gentle, calming body of water nearby. A king awakens completely nude ...
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John Dies at the End DVD Review: Hey, Thanks for the Spoiler Alert!

Every filmmaker has some sort of visual signature that can be easily recognized in their works. Sometimes, such as in ...
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The Bible (2013) DVD Review:  An Ambitious Endeavor That Needed More Funding and Prayer

As nice as it was to see The History Channel take a break from what is seemingly an endless Pawn ...
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