The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire Blu-ray Review: Confusing and Dull

Following the success of Dario Argento's The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Italian cinema was awash in lurid crime stories with ...
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The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection: Volume 5 (1976-1978) Blu-ray Review

As mentioned in my past reviews of past volumes, Friz Freleng was an instrumental figure in animation history because of ...
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Tribeca 2019 Review: Charlie Says is an Insightful Look Into a Heart of Darkness

Director Mary Harron may be famous for the 2000 pitch black satire American Psycho. But now, she has helmed a project ...
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Tribeca 2019 Review: Sasheer Zamata Successfully Carries The Weekend, An Ingenious Rom Com

After helming the decently made disability tearjerker Everything, Everything, Stella Meghie not only does something completely different but a slight reinvigoration ...
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