The Magic Sword Blu-ray Review: Dragons, Princesses, and Basil Rathbone

Poor Basil Rathbone. After finding great success on stage and the screen, after becoming a huge star playing Robin Hood, ...
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Blue Collar Blu-ray Review: Workingman’s Blues

After finding great success as a screenwriter on such movies as The Yakuza (directed by Sydney Pollack), Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese) and Obsession (Brian De Palma), ...
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Trapped (1949) Blu-ray Review: Great Restoration of a B-movie

Film noir are crime movies, but not all crime movies are film noir. There has to be an element of ...
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Very Bad Things Blu-ray Review: What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas

After Pulp Fiction (arguably the film that defined the 1990s) came out, it changed the dynamic of how violence was depicted in ...
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