If…. Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: If Only It Had a Plot

This 1969 UK film has exactly one notable claim to fame: Malcolm McDowell’s first star turn in a film just ...
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End of a Comic Book Era with GI JOE Poster

IDW Salutes Larry Hama and the End of a Comic Book Era with G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #300

As 2022 draws to a close, IDW will bid farewell to its long-running series of G.I. JOE comic books with ...
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Kamikaze Hearts Blu-ray Review: A Gritty Deep Dive into the Porn Industry

There are so many facets to the queer film, not just a showcase of bodies. Most people (definitely conservatives) think ...
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The Sixth and Final Season Lucifer Show Poster

Lucifer: The Sixth and Final Season DVD Giveaway

Cinema Sentries has teamed up with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to award one lucky reader Lucifer: The Sixth and Final ...
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