Du Barry Was a Lady Movie DVD Front Cover

Du Barry Was a Lady Blu-ray Review: All Show, Little Story

Even by the admittedly low bar of plot development in classic movie musicals, this film’s story is so half-baked it ...
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Midsummer Scream Game Board Poster

Midsummer Scream 2023: Hall of Shadows Review: Each Attraction Showcased an Impressive Amount of Work

The Hall of Shadows is a section of the exhibit floor filled with haunted attractions. CalHaunts, a Southern California group ...
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Assault on Hill 400 Blu-ray Review: A Disappointing Throwback to ’40s and ’50s B Combat Movies

Assault on Hill 400 is loosely based on the 2nd Ranger Battalions valiant siege of Bergstein, Germany in 1944 as ...
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Maggie Moores Blue Ray Movie Poster on a Yellow

Maggie Moore(s) Is the Pick of the Week

Jon Hamm was so good in Mad Men as the moody, almost sociopathically serious Don Draper that it is always ...
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