Jurassic World Movie Review: A Sequel 22 Years in the Making

Sequels have always been a tough market. Even as far back as the classic Universal Monster movies, filmmakers were struggling ...
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Book Review: Tarzan: The Complete Russ Manning Newspaper Strips, Volume Four: 1974-1979

With the Library of America Comics releasing the fourth and final volume in the Eisner Award-winning series, they have published ...
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Cinema Sentries

Rio Bravo Blu-ray Review: A Western Classic Restored

In 1952, director Fred Zinnemann made High Noon with Gary Cooper, who plays a small-town marshal whose being threatened by ...
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The Searchers Blu-ray Review: Revisionist Western Before There Were Revisionist Westerns

Taking a highly praised classic on is a tricky business for any film reviewer. A movie as celebrated and revered ...
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