La Grande Bouffe Blu-ray Review: A Feast for the Senses That Leaves One Overstuffed

They say Catherine Deneuve refused to speak to her then-lover Marcello Mastroianni for a week after seeing his performance in ...
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Person of Interest: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review: A.I. Supercomputer Battle Royale

Every season of Person of Interest ends with some kind of apocalypse, some place to recover from. A lot of ...
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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Blu-ray Review: A Magical Series About Real Magic in England

There are people who cannot handle fantasy. There are viewers who think that any mention of the specifically impossible (instead ...
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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Is the Pick of the Week

I have a good friend who is probably the smartest guy I've ever met.  I like to joke that he's ...
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