Jurassic Park Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Review: Mondo Releases John Williams’ Music on Vinyl

We are obviously big fans of the movies around here, and the soundtracks to those films can be equally compelling. There have been some highly successful soundtracks over the years, but all too often, the music becomes the forgotten child of the big screen. When it comes to a composer as talented as John Williams though, people do pay attention. Especially when he is scoring a Steven Spielberg film.

One of the coolest movie merchandise sites around is Mondo, and on June 11, 2014, they are releasing Williams’ soundtrack to Spielberg’s Jurassic Park (1993) on vinyl. The choice of June 11 was anything but random, as it marks the 21st anniversary of the theatrical release of the film. What is also kind of incredible is that this Mondo set will be the first time the soundtrack has ever been available on vinyl.

In 1993, old-fashioned records were nearly as dead as the eight-track tape. The major labels had just about ceased production of them altogether, and this soundtrack was only issued on cassette and compact disc. Mondo have definitely gone all-out with the LP debut of the Jurassic Park soundtrack. This is a double-disc set, in a gatefold sleeve, and includes some amazing original artwork.

There will be two versions of the set. The “A” soundtrack features artwork by JC Richard and is on black vinyl. However, there are also some colored vinyl editions of the A set. Mondo have pressed some with what they are calling “Dilophosaurus”-colored vinyl (kind of a green with red), which will be randomly dispersed. Think of Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets, and you get the idea.

If you want to be certain to get a color-vinyl edition, there is the “B” soundtrack. This one features artwork by Dan McCarthy, and the two LPs are on amber wax. Act fast though, as there are only 1,000 of the B sets being produced. Both the A and the B sets are pressed on 180-gram vinyl, and each sells for $35. I do not know how many of the Dilophosaurus-colored vinyl were produced, but it seems like that would be the rarest of the bunch.

And the music? Well, it is pretty great, as fans of the film will remember. The double-set contains all 16 tracks that appeared on the CD, and average out to four per side. Williams could always be counted on by Spielberg, and this recording is no exception. The music not only brings to mind particular scenes from the film, but works quite well on its own. Although the whole thing is excellent, I especially recommend “Welcome to Jurassic Park,” “Journey to the Island,” and “T-Rex Rescue and Finale.”

As mentioned, Mondo carry some amazing merchandise, but this release is something very special. For fans, it is kind of a no-brainer, and I have a feeling that the B set will sell out very quickly. The real question I have is how many of the A sets with the randomly inserted Dilophosaurus vinyl will go undiscovered? I bet that 99% of the buyers will never open their copies, because “Mint In Package” is kind of the collectors religion. But if you don’t open it, there is no way of knowing whether you have one of the super-rare ones or not.

It is an interesting conundrum, and one in which the good folks at Mondo are probably getting just a little kick out of. In any case, this is an extremely cool item and only available at mondotees.com starting June 11.

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Greg Barbrick

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