Adam Blair’s 2014 Movie Roundup

I saw about 30 movies in theaters in 2014. Some are getting tons of attention during awards season, and rightfully so. Others have disappeared seemingly without a sound, not rightfully so. Following are my 10 Most Overlooked and Eight Most Overpraised for 2014, in no particular order.

10 Most Overlooked

The One I Love: Trippy and intriguing relationship dramedy with Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass

Rosewater: Serious, scary but ultimately uplifting directing debut by Jon Stewart

Top Five: Super-timely comedy from truth-teller extraordinaire Chris Rock

Life of Crime: Dumb criminals are always funny, plus a fine Jennifer Aniston performance

Venus in Fur: Say what you like about Roman Polanski, he gets every bit of mileage out of his scripts

Two Faces of January: Sexy trio of Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac make this slow thriller worth a look

Black Coal, Thin Ice: Chinese language noir thriller gives good shock value

Skeleton Twins: Why isn’t Bill Hader in the running for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar?

Chef: Heartfelt if predictable comedy from Jon Favreau, great cast

St. Vincent: Bill Murray could coast the rest of his career but he’s still in there pitching

Eight Most Overpraised

Boyhood: An amazing achievement but this movie is BORING – on purpose

Love is Strange: I’m happy to see a gay love story treated with dignity but this one moves like a glacier

The Hundred Foot Journey: Eagerly anticipated and almost immediately forgotten

To Be Takei: Charming documentary but not enough conflict

Gone Girl: Can someone explain that ending to me?

Tusk: Kevin Smith’s much ado about nothing and Johnny Depp slumming

5 to 7: Ridiculous attempt to make a sophisticated rom-com drowns in its own sweetness

My Old Lady: How can Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith make a movie so maddeningly dull?

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