A New Chapter in the Hellboy Universe Begins with Frankenstein: New World from Dark Horse Comics

Legendary Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, bestselling novelist and comics writer Christopher Golden, comics writer Thomas Sniegoski, artist Peter Bergting, colorist ...
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The Carey Treatment Blu-ray Review: A Bland Dose

The Carey Treatment (1972; dir. Blake Edwards) is an obscurity that should stay one. It’s blander than bland. Based on ...
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Book Review: It’s Alive! by Julian David Stone

Inspired by true events!  It’s Alive! is a fantastic, fictional account of the final days leading up to the filming ...
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Interview with Filmmaker Naveen Chathapuram about The Last Victim

After nearly 20 years in the film industry as a producer, Naveen Chathapuram has made his directorial debut with the ...
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