Tully Is the Pick of the Week

Last week, I complained that there wasn’t much of interest coming out. At least it had a big Steven Spielberg movie hitting the shelves. This week doesn’t even have that. It’s the sort of week that I’d skip if I were just a regular schlub looking for something to buy at my local Blu-ray store. Instead, I’m just a schlub who writes a weekly column about new home-video releases so I’d better say something.

Tully is a dramatic comedy from Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman. It stars Charlize Theron as a soon-to-be mother of three struggling with the craziness that comes from being a modern woman with children. Mackenzie Davis is the nanny who tries to help. It was a small movie at the box office and got decent reviews but was in no way the sort of smash that Cody and Reitman had with their first collaboration together, Juno. That was a movie I mostly enjoyed but was baffled by the universal praise it received. I didn’t care much for the other collaboration of theirs that I’ve seen, Young Adult. There is a cleverness to Cody’s writing that tends to border on obnoxious. Reitman is a fine director and I’ve enjoyed most of his films, but never to the extent where I really follow his work.

All of which is to say that I’m interested enough in Tully to include it in my Netflix queue (yep, I’m one of those few people who still gets DVDs in the mail from them) but I won’t be putting it up at the top.

Faint praise for a pick of the week, I know, but as I said its a slow week.

Also out this week that looks interesting:

Counterpart: The Complete First Season: J.K. Simmons stars in this sci-fi thriller from Starz. He plays a low-level spy who discovers the agency is harboring a secret – an alternate world in which the only person he can trust is his identical counterpart from this other world. Actually, that does sound pretty cool. Can I make this my pick instead? Nah, I’m too lazy to rewrite it and I’m late on my deadline anyways.

Dark Crimes: Jim Carrey is back and more hilarious than ever. Oh, sorry, wrong movie. In Dark Crimes, Carrey plays a grim, brooding detective trying to solve a murder.

Overboard: Eugenio Derbez and Anna Farris star in this remake of the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell comedy about a nasty rich woman who falls overboard, gets amnesia, and is tricked into become the poor housewife of three kids. The roles are switched in the remake but I doubt there are as many laughs.

Mat Brewster

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