Thursday Program Highlights for San Diego Comic Con 2018

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The modern-day equivalent of getting the new Sears catalog before Christmas is the debut of the Comic-Con programs. On paper, there are no lines in the heat and plenty of open seats. Here are a few highlights where you might find three Sentries who will be attending.

Shawn Bourdo:

When Earthlings Become Martians: National Geographic’s Mars, Season 2 (11:00am) (Room7AB)

I was a fan of the presentation of this show a couple years ago. It’s a hybrid fictional series that breaks for “fact checks” as to the science behind the story. I’m mostly attending this sequel because I love Andy Weir’s (The Martian) new book Artemis. The first season had a bleak ending and I’m curious how they choose to redeem the story.

2001: A Space Odyssey 50th Anniversary Panel (12:30pm) (Room6A)

There isn’t much info as to who will be on this panel but I’m such a huge fan of this film that I’ll gladly sit through a discussion on the film. I am guessing that there will be lots of self congratulations to the people putting out the anniversary Blu-ray. Is it too much to hope that Christopher Nolan makes an appearance to talk about his love for Kubrick films and the work he has done to put this project together? It’s amazing that I haven’t found a 2001 panel here to this point.

Anything Goes with John Barrowman! (2:00pm) (Hilton Bayfront)

If you have followed any of my previous reviews of my adventures, you know that this is a set piece for me. It used to be scheduled to be the end of my Con experience but now it’s the true start of the journey. John stays busy on Arrow and on social media. I have no worries that no matter what he’ll have high energy and hilarious stories.

1988: Greatest Geek Year Ever-Yippe-Kay-Yay Edition (3:00pm) (Room5AB)

This panel fits nicely in my yearlong project of watching the films of 1988. If there’s ever a panel that I should be a contributor, it’s this one. I have a few questions for the group. There will be too much love given to the mainstream films of 1988 and not enough celebration of the foreign and lesser-known titles.

Todd Karella:

Anatomy of Writing Action in a Novel (10:00am) (Room 2)

The writer in me enjoys these types of panels. Only problem is that I rarely get to see them because other things are happening at the same time. Maxwell Alexander Drake is the one running the panel. I’ve seen some of his other classes and thought he did a really good job, so I’d like to give this one a shot.

Charmed Exclusive Screening and Panel (11:15am) (Ballroom 20)

I enjoyed the original show when it was on the air, so I’m curious to see if this new reboot of the franchise will be worth watching.

Doctor Who: BBC America’s Official Panel (11:45am) (Hall H)

It almost takes a miracle to get into Hall H without camping outside all night. But Thursday is traditionally a slow day and much easier to pull off a miracle. Surprisingly, the Doctor Who panel with the brand new first female Doctor, Jodie Whitaker, is happening this day, so I’m gonna take a shot and see if I can get in.

Magnum P.I. Exclusive Screening Panel Room (4:15pm) (Room 6A)

I remember the original with Tom Selleck, so going to his panel is more for nostalgia. I’ve seen one commercial and it looks similar to how both MacGyver and Hawaii Five-o were rebooted.

Netflix: Marvel’s Iron Fist (6:00pm) (Ballroom 20)

I’m probably one of the few people to make it through the first season and actually enjoyed it. And I’m hearing that season two is supposed to be much better than the first.

Shooting Clerks, The Kevin Smith Biopic Room (6:45pm) (Room 6A)

I’ve always enjoyed Kevin Smith’s films and seeing what it took for him to make his very first film sounds interesting. All I know is that he sold his comic book collection to cone up with funding.

Gordon S. Miller:

20th Century Fox: The Predator (10:30am) (Hall H)

As a fan of writer/director Shane Black’s work, including Iron Man 3, I am very curious to see his take on the Predator franchise.

Celebrating Mickey Spillane’s Centenary (12:30pm) (Room 24ABC)

I have just started reading Mickey Spillane’s I, Jury, the breakout novel featuring the famed crime-fiction writer’s signature character, hard-boiled detective Mike Hammer so am curious to learn why others find Spillane and his writing so notable.

Dragon Ball Super (2:15pm) (Hall H)

English voice actors for Goku and Vegeta, Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat, are on hand to promote the new movie. Been watching different variations for a while, so I hope to get into the hall and see the guys behind the characters.

AMCs Better Call Saul / Breaking Bad 10th Anniversary Celebration (3:30pm / 4:30pm) (Hall H)

This double feature of Vince Gilligan’s is a highlight for me not just for Thursday, but the whole weekend. Am a big fan of both Better Cal Saul, one of the best shows currently on TV, and Breaking Bad, which I was watching before the third season aired and before most of you were watching or even heard of it.

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