The Powerpuff Girls: The Complete Series DVD Review: Fighting Crime, Trying to Save the World

The Powerpuff Girls was an American animated series on the Cartoon Network from 1998 to 2005 (six seasons and 78 episodes). The premise is that Professor Utonium (Tom Kane) was attempting to create perfect little kindergarten-aged girls using sugar, spice, and everything nice. Unfortunately, there was a jar of an unknown substance called Chemical X in the room at the time which was accidentally knocked into the Powerpuff liquid. Because of this, the girls were created with a multitude of superpowers, including, among many others, flight, superhuman speed, and superhuman strength. The Powerpuff girls protect the fictional metropolis of Townsville.

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The end credits song gives the most succinct description of the crime fighters: “Blossom (Cathy Cavadini), commander and the leader. Bubbles (Tara Strong), she is the joy and the laughter. Buttercup (E.G. Daily), she is the toughest fighter.” They each have personality ingredients from when Professor Utonium created them out of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Blossom is “everything nice,” while Bubbles is “sugar”, and Buttercup is “spice.” Combined with all this is the mysterious Chemical X, accidentally mixed into the potion and giving the three girls their many superpowers.

In a typical episode, the Mayor of Townsville (Tom Kenny) will call upon the Powerpuff Girls to help with some creature-related disaster. Chief among the creatures is Mojo Jojo (Roger L. Jackson), formally Professor Utonium’s lab monkey who was also created in the mixture that created the Girls. Jojo the lab monkey turned into Jojo Mojo, the green and black chimpanzee with the Japanese accent. He’s bad. Other baddies include Fuzzy Lumpkins, the Amoeba Boys, Sudusa, and yhe Gangreen Gang. It may look like the Powerpuff Girls will get their butts paddled at the halfway point, but one of them always comes through with the clutch power. There are a couple 24 minute long episodes, but for the most part, it is two 12-minute cartoons per episode.

Bonus Features:

Season One, Disc Two – 

  • The Powerpuff Patrol – live-action version used for promotion
  • Craig’s Commentary on The Whoopass Girls – Pencil & Color

Season Two, Disc Two –

  • Staylongers – Various cartoon celebrities stuck on a Survivor-type island
  • Anger Management – Powerpuff Girls interstitial
  • Mojo Commentary – Slumbering with the Enemy – Mojo Jojo’s discussion of the episode
  • Mayor Commentary – Something’s a Miss – The Mayor’s discussion of the episode
  • Mojo Jojo’s Evil Bio – Getting to know Mojo Jojo
  • Mayor’s Welcome – The Mayor introduces the town of Townsville
  • Show & Tell – Blossom – Blossom introduces herself to her kindergarten class
  • Show & Tell – Buttercup – Buttercup introduces herself with a bent toward pummeling bad guys
  • Show & Tell – Bubbles – Bubbles talks about sugar, and spice, and everything nice

Season Three, Disc Two –

  • Shonen Knife – “Buttercup (I’m a Super Girl)” – Music video
  • The Apples in Stereo – “Signal in the Sky (Let’s Go)” Music video
  • Reflections – commercial spot for Cartoon Network

Season Four, Disc Two – 

  • Morning in the Life – live-action spoof of what it would be like to live in Townsville
  • Blooper Mayor – fake bloopers
  • ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas: 2003 Christmas Special – 44-minute Christmas episode

Season Five, Disc Two – 

  • Hospitalville – The Mayor becomes Mayor of Hospitalville – one-minute commercial
  • Future Spaceman Town – The Mayor becomes Mayor of Future Spaceman Town
  • Transylvania City – The Mayor becomes the Mayor of Transylvania City
  • Mitch Rocks #3 – Mitch tells us which words “rock” and which are “lame”

Season Six, Disc Two – 

  • Good Car Day – The professor struggles with car trouble
  • Laundry Day – Various Cartoon Network characters do their laundry
  • The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!: Special 24-minute episode to celebrate 10th anniversary
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Who, What, Where, How, Why…Who Cares? – interviews with the crew dedicated to making The Powerpuff Girls
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