The Dick Cavett Show: Inside the Minds of… Volume 2 DVD Review

The Dick Cavett Show was a talk show that aired on different TV channels, broadcast and cable, from 1968 to 1996. S’More Entertainment is releasing The Dick Cavett Show on DVD, gathering episodes together under themes. Inside the Minds of… showcases comedians. Released on January 22, 2019, Volume 2 presents a previous generation of comedians: George Carlin from June 5, 1990 and December 1, 1992; Steve Martin from December 17, 1992; and Martin Mull from June 4, 1995. All of them aired on CNBC.

The Carlin ’90 interview finds him promoting an HBO special. Subjects covered include the “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” court case, thefts of back stage signs, their shared indifference of Will Rogers, and Carlin’s insightful opinion of Andrew “Dice” Clay’s material and audience.

Wish there had been an interview from farther apart to show a greater contrast, but only 2.5 years later, they are back together with Carlin promoting his album Jammin’ in New York. Apparently, the show’s researcher, presuming it had one, missed previously covered topics as Cavett repeats a subject regarding a softer period when Carlin did lighter material. Interesting to hear Carlin speak about college audiences being difficult with risky material and the “politically sensitive language police” back them since not much has changed. It’s evident in both interviews Cavett loves talking about language and its absurdities with Carlin.

While billed as “comedians,” which they undoubtedly were with great success in the ’70s, the next two guests have broaden their endeavors. Steve Martin is promoting a dramatic role in Leap of Faith where he plays an evangelist. During their discussion, he offers great insight about show business and stand-up comedy. Martin Mull is promoting an exhibition of his paintings at a Cleveland museum. They talk about the O.J. case, which Geraldo Rivera covered on his own CNBC show, and other artists like Salvador Dali and Josef Albers.

Volume 1 presents Robin Williams, Gilbert Gottfried, Richard Lewis, and Bobcat Goldthwait. Volume 3 presents African American comedians on a two-disc set: Redd Foxx, Dick Gregory, Eddie Murphy, and Richard Pryor.

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