The Borgias: Season One Is the Pick of the Week

If I was in charge of releasing movies each week I don’t suspect I would put my big pictures out the week between Christmas and New Years either. The wallets are bare from purchasing too many presents and loads of people are off work and too busy with family gatherings to do much shopping anyways. Then there are New Years Eve party plans to make. No, if I was in charge I might just leave this week completely alone.

Which is pretty much what those who actually are in charge of putting out new releases have done. The pickings are slim, my friends, the pickings are slim. That’s why my pick this week is not only something I haven’t seen, but something I’ve never even heard of – The Borgias: Season One. Created by Neil Jordan and starring Jeremy Irons, the show tells the story of the influential Italian Renaissance family with Irons as Pope Alexander VI. That sounds pretty darn interesting to me and I’m looking forward to watching it.

Also out this week of interest.

Archer: Season 2: I started this series with my wife who tends to frown on really crass things and so we barely made it through the first episode. I tried my hand at a few more but the comedy never really got me. But those who like it seem to love it.

That’s pretty much it actually. I told you it was a slow week. Things will likely stay that way for a few more week until we are well into January and then they’ll start to pick back up again. Yet I’ll be here dutifully reporting all that is of interest. See you then.

Mat Brewster

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