Pride (2014) Is the Pick of the Week

When I’m not writing about movies and televisions shows, I run The Midnight Cafe, a little blog that deals in unofficially released concert recordings, or “bootlegs” as they are sometimes called. I own thousands upon thousands of hours of live music that was kindly recorded by untold fans just wanting to share their passion. I lovingly upload these shows into the cloud and share them freely with whoever wants them. Mostly, I just post the shows with the pertinent information included and leave the discussion to the comment section. But I’m a writer at heart and sometimes I like to let my readers know whats going on with my life, or tells stories, or say whatever I feel like talking about at any given moment.

The other day I wrote a little missive about the difficulties of hunting down a show that someone had requested. I also posted the show, but admittedly I did a little rambling first. Some anonymous commenter decided to write a nasty little bit about how he didn’t really care about my personal problems, and mentioned that I should stop whining and just post the source info. I told him that he should mind his manners and ask nicely when he’s getting something for free. He spouted off a little more and complained that I spent too much time detailing the pointless details of my life and not enough time sharing the music. Piss off, I think, was my response to that.

But it did remind me that I do spend a lot of my writings giving out the very personal and very detailed aspects of my life. If I ever dared to go back and read my Picks of the Weeks, I suspect I’d be shocked to just how much of myself I’ve given in these pages. With that in mind I’m going to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and jump right into the (really rather limited) new releases.

Pride: A “based on a true story” of the strange collaboration between the National Union of Mineworkers and a group of gay and lesbian activists. It stars Bill Nighy and Dominick West, which is more than enough to make it this week’s pick.

The Trip to Italy: A sequel to The Trip. Both star Steve Coogan and Bob Brydon traveling about, eating scrumptious food, telling raucous jokes, and engaging in various impersonations.

Dominion: A supernatural drama set in the aftermath of a war of angels against humanity. I’m a sucker for this sort of thing.

Mat Brewster

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