Two and a Half Men: The Complete Ninth Season DVD Review: How to Carry On After Your Star Gets Fired

The loss of a lead performer in a film or television franchise can be a truly devastating ordeal — whether ...
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Sky Commanders: The Complete Animated Series DVD Review: Easy to See Why It Didn’t Work

Written by Chad Derdowski The KISS principle states that most systems work best when they are kept simple and straightforward ...
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Total Recall (2012) Movie Review: Get Your Ass To, Well, Britain, I Guess

There are a few iconic things that come to mind when someone mentions Total Recall (1990) — Mars, over-the-top effects, ...
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Diplomatic Courier DVD Review: A Sturdy, if Unremarkable Cold War Thriller

It’s not particularly stylish and there’s little subtext to Henry Hathaway’s 1952 Cold War espionage drama Diplomatic Courier, but it ...
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