Shakespeare: The King’s Man DVD Review: The Political Education of Willy Shakes

Written by Brandie Ashe Arguably the single most influential figure in the history of English literature, William Shakespeare produced over ...
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Fast & Furious Movie Review: Figuring Out the Four-mula

After the disappointment of Tokyo Drift, I am very surprised director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan returned for this ...
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The Wild Geese Blu-ray Review: When Brits Go Badass

Contrary to what most of today's youth might falsely believe, the all-star adventure action flick has been around for several ...
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Yossi Movie Review: A Beautifully Crafted Film in Every Aspect

Yossi is the beautiful sequel to Israeli filmmaker Eytan Fox's 2002 film, Yossi & Jagger. The films is set 10 ...
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