The Innkeepers Blu-ray Review: A Carefully Crafted Genre Exercise

The Film One thing's for sure about indie horror filmmaker Ti West — he's a superb craftsman with an astute ...
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Cirkus Columbia Movie Review: A Fairly Good Motion Picture

Written by Jordan Richardson Directed by Danis Tanović, Cirkus Columbia was the Bosnian entry for the 2010 Best Foreign Language ...
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A Hollis Frampton Odyssey Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: An Essential Collection of Avant-Garde Treasures

The Films There isn’t much experimental film represented within the Criterion Collection library, but when the good folks there do ...
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W.E. Blu-ray Review: Evidently, Madonna Didn’t Have Enough Material for One Whole Film

Whenever a singer ventures over into the world of motion pictures, the results are usually dire. Let’s take Madonna’s career ...
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