Blood and Black Lace Blu-ray Review: The Origins of Giallo

Having put Italian horror on the map with Black Sunday, Mario Bava continued to redefine the genre and essentially invented ...
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Five Cool Things and Vox Lux

My in-laws were in town for part of last week and a chunk of this one which put a bit ...
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Distant Voices, Still Lives Blu-ray Review: Accurately Captures the Battle of the Sexes

Stories about troubled families doesn't hit cinema too often, but when they're done well, such as in Rachel Getting Married, ...
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Schlock Blu-ray Review: Could Have Also Been Called Shoddy, Shabby, or Sucky

Made in 1971 on a minuscule budget, John Landis' first film as a director, Schlock, is broad comedic satire of ...
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