Line of Duty: Series 2 Is the Pick of the Week

It seems like forever since I've had a really challenging pick of the week. Hardly at all this summer have ...
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Seven Psychopaths DVD Review: It’s Like Adaptation Meets Fight Club

Seven Psychopaths centers around Marty (Colin Farrell), a struggling Hollywood screenwriter overdue to finalize his next project which he has ...
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Enchantment (1948) DVD Review: Everlasting Loves, Friends, and Lovers Divine

Keeping up with their brief, recent Samuel Goldwyn/David Niven motif, the Warner Archive Collection has re-issued the 1948 romantic drama ...
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Raffles (1930) / Raffles (1939) DVD Review: Because Cricket Doesn’t Pay

There have been many notable, historically celebrated examples of a literary character enjoying a long and happy life (or death) ...
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