Defending Your Life Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Love in the Time of Purgatory

Defending your life is a task all face in the afterlife in Albert Brooks' film of the same name which ...
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Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Series Is Coming to DVD for the First Time Ever June 11

“Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!” For the first time ever, all episodes from the classic TV series are brought ...
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CrimeCon 2024 Review: Wrap Up

I have returned from a packed weekend at CrimeCon 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. Outside of the speakers, creators, and exhibitors, ...
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 4K UHD Is the Pick of the Week

Terry Gilliam is one of the most creative, ingenious, and equally reviled filmmakers of our time. He creates world full ...
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