Cinema Sentries 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift buying for others is not always so easy. That's why we here at Cinema Sentries have compiled a holiday ...
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Spin: The Complete Series DVD Review: French Political Intrigue

This French TV series takes a look into the halls of power at the top tier of French government. Our ...
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Monk: Season One Blu-ray Review: An Engaging, Grounded Comic Mystery Series

Honestly, there are way too many detective/cop shows on TV, especially those that are rough, brutal, and too adult for ...
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The Lady from Shanghai Blu-ray Review: Forget It, Michael. It’s Chinatown

Irish sailor Michael O'Hara (Orson Welles, who also wrote, directed, and produced) is the film's narrator and he tells the ...
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Messiah of Evil Is the Pick of the Week

There are certain cinematic experiences that one is unlikely to forget, even if the film's plot is almost nonexistent. Willard ...
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