Violent Streets (1974) Blu-ray Review: Blood and Guts Yakuza Story

It might be a form of survivorship bias, but movies "demystifying" or "deglamorizing" yakuza seem to outnumber any other kind ...
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Samurai Wolf 1 & 2 Blu-ray Review: A Scruffier Yojimbo

The first director a Western audience thinks of for classic samurai films is Akira Kurosawa. After all, his Seven Samurai ...
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Petite Maman Is the Pick of the Week

I don't get out, practically at all, so this PotW is going a little different, just like a few of ...
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Book Review: Salome’s Last Dance by Daria Tessler

Portland artist Daria Tessler's second comic book published by Fantagraphics is a short, strange trip that finds influences from such ...
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