Book Review: The Killing Hole by Steve Niles and Trevor Denham

Horror hounds are a strange breed. I know because I am one of them. We'll sit through the stupidest stuff ...
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Black God, White Devil Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Could Not Be More Relevant

Once in a while, a film comes along and redefines my perception of the limitless possibilities of filmmaking. Influential Brazilian ...
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Under Western Stars Blu-ray Review: Mr. Rogers Rides to Washington in His First Starring Role

Under Western Stars (1938) from Republic Pictures finds Roy Rogers taking the lead reins in his first starring role. The ...
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Rocky: Ultimate Knockout Collection Is the Pick of the Week

In December 1976, an up-to-then-unknown actor named Sylvester Stallone unleashed a little film he both wrote and starred in called ...
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