Spider-Man 3 Movie Review: Allows Too Many Villains to Ruin the Stew

Written by El Articulo Definido When Spider-Man first hit the big screen in 2002, I remember describing my enthusiasm as ...
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Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition DVD Review: A Cheesy Cartoon in More Ways Than One

Yes, there are people out there that never saw Avatar on the big screen. Actually, there are 73 of us, ...
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Cinema Sentries

You Again Blu-ray Review: Actions Have Consequences

I have often wondered why women are not as supportive of each other as they could be. We should be ...
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M Criterion Collection DVD Review: A Thriller Steeped in Social Commentary

Directed by Fritz Lang, who co-wrote the screenplay with Thea von Harbou’s, M (1931) stars Peter Lorre as Hans Beckert, ...
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