No Country for Old Men DVD Review: Definitely Worth a Look

What would you do if you discovered $2 million in untraceable, unmarked bills – drug money no one would miss? ...
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The French Connection Blu-ray Review: Should Not Be Missed

Written by Chris Smits Director William Friedkin's 1971 cop thriller The French Connection has never looked this good. Ever. By ...
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Mission: Impossible – The Third TV Season DVD Review: More like Mission: Ridiculous

Lalo Schifrin’s Mission: Impossible theme and the self-destructing tape-recorded messages transcended the series and became icons. Some people first became ...
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The Venture Bros.: 3rd Season Blu-ray Review: Plenty of Action and Humor

As the impending idiocracy approaches, it becomes harder to differentiate between those who have already succumbed, and those who hasten ...
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